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With the sonic OC character maker app you have various options in which to create your own special sonic avatar. If Sega was not going to produce their own version, it was only a matter of time before a fan did it for them and with huge success.

With over 10 options in which to pick from there are literally thousands of different sonic characters to create - from multi coloured spikey haired sonics to mecha evil sonics which look like the making of Dr Robotnik himself! This is a great customised avatar designer game.

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There are many physical attributes you can change for Sonic the Hedgehog including his Head, Hair, Mouth, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Body, Belly, Arms, Hands, Legs, Shoes & Tail.

There are also several different backgrounds to choose from. However we wish there would have been more effort made with these backdrops as they are a bit tacky and could have made the game into an extra special character designer.

The Sonic Creator is still very special as not only can you pick from many different types of Sonic, but you can also change their colour and some attribute types even have two or three layered colour options.

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We also like the ability to save your creation and the random picker which can create some very unique designs with a little help from yourself! Try the builder out yourself and see how creative you can get.