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Sometimes when you're after a fun and free character-creating experience, you have to concede that complexity in a game isn't always better than simplicity. Keeping things as simple as they come, Pony Creator is a niche avatar-creation app whose origins lie in the flash-based game of the same name. Its simple interface allows you to create and edit a pony avatar using a multitude of customisation options and also the ability to move your pony's stance as well as save and share your designs with your friends.

When life hands you little bits of ponies, get a.. Pony-Made

Niche Fantasies

Whether or not the tenuous link I tried to make to the famous life/lemons/lemonade 'proverb' in this review's title deserves your instant dismissal of the review's contents, there's a Pony Creator app out there in the Google Play store that's going relatively unnoticed and heavily un-reviewed. It is definitely my intention to attempt to correct this drastic oversight that the entirety of the internet and those who comprise it have made. Sometimes you don't want complicated responsibilities tacked on with character creation like you'll find in complex games like The Sims 3. Sometimes, you just want to create, edit, and save your very own personalised four-legged animal, and below you['ll read why Pony Creator is the perfect tool to allow you to fulfil this very niche fantasy. Continue Reading

Release Date: 20/08/2011

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Equine Eventualities

It's very unlikely that you'd be here reading about Pony Creator for Android without having first experienced the online Pony Creator from General Zoi. The Android app is of course the mobile version of the aforementioned flash game, taking all of its capabilities over to the mobile platform. With Pony Creator for Android, you can expect to create your very own pony design, pose it, and also save the design for later or to share with friends. It's a very niche game, but that should be immediately obvious just from reading the title; you shouldn't be expecting any depth beyond being able to create your own pony avatar.

You basically start off in Pony Creator with a blank canvas, or more accurately a barebones pony that looks rather plain before its been edited into fabulousness by you, the master of your very own pony's aesthetic qualities. The interface is quite similar to the flash game, only it's optimised pretty adequately for mobile.

 All of the customisation from the v3 flash version is present here, meaning that you start off by using the sliders on the screen to adjust the physical properties of your base pony: its height, weight, and 'buffness' are all waiting to be edited before you move on to making it all pretty and stuff, which can initially be done by choosing a body colour and even a pattern if you wish to make this a fantastical rather than realistic animal. The options are already far superior to its online rivals - this relatively rudimentary 3D Pony Creator for example.

Pony the Best Will Do

You can't really fault the level of detail that Pony Creator allows you to go into when changing the appearance of your pony. You've got the ability to slide through a huge database of tiny variations for parts of the head, body, and hair of the animal. You can also add accessories to the head, body, and hooves, with everything from leg colour to pretty bracelets waiting to be experimented with. You can even change your pony's facial expression if you wish before you go ahead and save it for editing later or sharing with any other Android-loving pony enthusiasts you may know.

When it comes to pony editing, even My Little Pony app cannot quite content with the level of detail and customisation that Pony Creator offers on both the mobile and online platforms. This mobile version is loyal to its roots, offering all of the wonderful options of its online sibling whilst being easy to use on the mobile. It has made the transition to touch-screen control quite admirably, though sometimes it does feel a little awkward when you're trying to navigate through the staggering quantity of editing options. Still, you have to forgive the minor transitional flaws in light of the game's superior detail: it simply offers you the most comprehensive pony editing experience out there at the moment.



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Pony Creator is developed by GeneralZoi.

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