Mii Creator: A Nintendo Alternative

Mii maker game Make a Mii Character

Hair styles are one of the Mii character maker's biggest strengths with 36 styles available for both boys and girls (72 styles in total). Indeed even though you may select a male for your character you can pick girls hair styles and vice versa! You can even change the reflection on the hair from left to right.

Eye brows have 23 options including some pointy pyramid brows and some super villan beant inwards brows.

Eye options are in their abundance with 48 different types to choose from. A couple of my favourites include the sparkly eye shapes on panel four in the bottom left corner and the chinese smiley eyes to the right of the former. To cover your eyes, if you like to look like a nerd you can pick between 8 pairs of glasses including 3 types of sunglasses.

The nose options are pretty cool, not only can you adjust the position of the nose vertically on your Mii character's face but you can shrink or enlarge it. This means you can look like a huge pig or a tiny pigeon.

The final options include 12 types of mouth, 3 moustaches, 3 beirds and one beauty spot (with many colour variations for each except the beauty spot). Start making your own little character with the Mii creator now!


For a web version this Mii editor is not bad at all and offers enough features to get your creation looking close to your real self. Of course it won't beat Nintendo's own versions for the Wii U, Wii, DS & 3DS but for those not lucky enough to own one of the three consoles this is the next best thing.

The unofficial Mii creator starts off with the default option of a boy with short brown hair, a red shiny jumper and charcoal coloured pants. A pretty dull first selection may I say! But the rest of it is anything but that with a plentiful supply of character features and vibrant colours your Mii character can come alive!

If you first select the gender and change it to female you will notice all that changes is the skirt, the face stays the same meaning wii faces are pretty much generic to start with, it is up to you to create your own Mii girl using all the options, it won't do it for you! (that's if you want a girl)

Firstly name your Avatar anything you like, this will then be saved for later through the link at the very bottom of the Mii character creator. When you submit this url to any friend via email, facebook, twitter or whatever else your custom name will appear. Add to this a creator name, meaning you have two names to think of, the minion and the master's!

Next I like the shiny effect of the colours you choose for the top, but I don't really like the limited amount of colours available and also the one generic top you are stuck with, I think some attention to detail regarding the clothes would have been good. There needs to be a few more options here. Nevertheless the further options below in the grey icon panel offer further delights to custom build your Mii character.

You can easily choose your height and weight using a simple click and drag metre bar that goes from left to right. Left being small and thin and right being tall and fat! There are 8 different face shapes to choose from and 6 different skin colours. You can be fat and pale or slim and brown, it's up to you. There's also a further twelve facial features to pick from.