Meez Character Creator

meez game

In Meez players get to determine various facial features. There are plenty of options for hairstyle, eyes, lips and other details. The thing that users should remember is that Meez are more of caricatures as opposed to portraits. This means that you will want to exaggerate certain features more than others. By doing this, players are able to create that connection between their personality (or their projected personality) and the Meez that is being created.

Clothes - Players get a wide range to choose from. Of course, you will have to play Meez a little further to earn lots of Coinz. And while earning Coinz takes time, doing so with games and activities is well worth it. Aside from buying new threads, the in-game currency can be used to purchase designs and furnishings for three different personal rooms that your character owns. Each room can be designated to a specific interest zone (known as Hoods), and can be used as a meeting place for your ingame friends. With a good degree of character customization and interactivity to be enjoyed, Meez is a definite must-try for avatar lovers.

Create Your Own Meez (US & Canada)
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