Mech Creator Game: Create Your Own Mech Robot

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

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The Popularity of Robot Building

Robot Creator game

Creating robots has always been a favourite with little boys and most of us growing up will remember or still do the many robotic toys bought for us at christmas or for our birthday - just look at the amount of Transformer toys out there. The recent Meccanoid Robots by Mechano or the robot fighting films Real Steel and Pacific Rim which offer big interactivity and evolving intelligence only adds more weight to robot popularity.

The Mech You Always Wanted

In this intuitive robot mech creator game you have the opportunity to build your own robot which can be a very unique mech robot. By clicking on various gaps on the game screen and extensions of existing parts of the robot you can make one that is distinctly bespoke and super cool.

Have a go at creating your own customised mech robot and share your own creation below. Happy constructing guys!