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Create Your Own Nerd and Beat Him!

Create A Nerd - Then Brutally Whack Him Across the Screen (Coming Soon!)

This game can be summed up in one word - 'Ridiculous' and at Character Creator we like our games to be just like that. Of course Berzerk Ball 2 which is coming soon has more about it than just being ridiculous or creating a nerd for that matter. However the customisation of your very own nerd to beat with a strick, sword or whatever other weapon you manage to get your hand's on is what we care about about. These options look very creative and we have to thank the game dev's behind the upcoming nerd game for delivering this additional feature that wasn't present in the original game.

Without the option of customising your very own nerd this game wouldn't have ended up on Character Creator - so Berzerk Studios if you can hear us, make an expansion to this geek game to and allow even more customisation options of your geek please and we may just put the game first on our home page!

We didn't want to deprive our fans of the opportunity to see what kinds of nerds you can create so we have included more screenies below showing some of the funky outfits your nerd can be dressed in, we can't wait for the release of this one which hopefully should be some time very soon!

More Nerd Fashions

create a nerd: fashion 1 create a nerd: fashion 2 create a nerd: fashion 3 create a nerd: fashion 4 create a nerd: fashion 5 create a nerd: fashion 6 create a nerd: fashion 7 create a nerd: fashion 8