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ourWorld: Create your perfect fashionable avatar

OurWorld provides gamers with a wide variety of choices. The game allows you to create your own character and make numerous changes to their appearance. These changes are physical attributes as well as clothing and accessories. You are also given your very own condo to style, where you are again able to make many changes that are required to make it your own. These changes may be the rearranging of furniture as well as buying additional furniture for your condo in order to fully express your individualism. Therefore you are able to make your character as well as your condo as unique as you are. The game also provides many tasks and activities for you to complete and participate in.

OurWorld offers you a great deal of options available when it comes to the appearance of your character or avatar. Begin by selecting the character and style that appeals to you. There are many to choose from and are available in both male and female characters. The characters have many different features, which include skin color, hair color and style. Your character allows you the freedom to experiment and explore the world of fashion, design and style. You are able to change the entire appearance of your character to make the physical adjustments you desire. The various categories that you are able to use when making your physical changes include the following:

  • Skin color – here you are able to change the color and shade of your characters skin tone. Skin colors are available in a variety of shades and range from pale creams, to pinkish cream, to light brown, to reddish brown, to a dark chocolate brown.
  • Hair color – this is another physical feature, which may be changed. Again these are available in a variety of shades and colors, which include blonde, orange, light brown, chocolate brown, red, black, grey, blue and green. There are also additional shades of colors available; however these may be accessed by residents only.
  • Eyebrows – these may be changed in the form of both color and shape. There are 20 different shapes of eyebrows for you to choose from, in order to enhance your character’s eyes and facial features. There are also many colors available, which range from light to dark, as well as other bright colors for those who are a little more outrageous and daring. Again there are additional colors available; however these are only available for residents.
  • Eyes – these are yet another physical feature that may be changed according to your preference. Again these are available in 20 shapes, therefore allowing you to choose your preference and deciding which ones help to enhance you other features. You may also change the eye color and colors are available in a variety of shades. These vary from white, to brown, to green and blue and all these are available in a variety of shades.
  • Heads – the shape of the head is yet another change that ourWorld allows you to make. There are 10 shapes of heads available for you to choose from and these include facial shapes such as a more rounded shape, a narrow and pointed chin shape, indented chin, broad face with a pointed chin and more. This is a predominant physical feature so ensure you make a good decision with regard to the head.
  • Nose – there are 5 different shape noses available and you are able to select one that best enhances your other facial features.
  • Mouth – again the mouth is available in different shapes as well as colors. The colors include pink, red and brown. You are able to try all 3 colors in order to determine which lip color and style matches other features such as eye and hair color.

Not only are you able to change the physical features, but you are also able to adjust certain features to situate them in the position you prefer. Some of these adjustments include the eyes. You are able to adjust both the size of the eyes as well as change their positioning on the face. You are also able to adjust the height and width or the characters physical body. These changes include the shoulders, legs and arms.

ourworld character creator

Not only are you bale to make changes to your character’s appearance physically, but you are also able to change your character’s sense on style. OurWorld offers you 8 different clothing shops throughout the stages. These shops include the following:

  • Threads
  • Otto
  • Lady King
  • Blue Cow
  • Sugar Star
  • Skeleton Key
  • Ani
  • Lucky 7
ourworld character creator: dress up and look cool

All 8 of the available shops offer the same categories of clothing; however the items in each category differ according to the store. The various categories are as follows:

  • Bottom – this includes pants, shorts and skirts.
  • Tops – long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless.
  • One Piece – bodysuit dresses and costumes.
  • Coats – jackets and vests.
  • Head – hats, decorations and sunglasses.
  • Hair – short, long and special.
  • Accessories – bracelets, belts, neckwear and bags.
  • Feet – boots, shoes and socks.
  • Hands – gloves and handheld items.
  • Special – monthly items, mystery box and limited.

Each shop provides a wide variety of items for you to choose from, within each category mentioned above. As a result of such a wide range of choices, you will never have to ever tire or wearing the same mundane, out of fashion clothes. You are able to keep your character as up to date and in style as you are.

As you progress through the stages, you will also be re warded for leveling up. This includes rewards such as dance moves, Emotes and gestures, in addition to leveling up and progressing to yet another stage. This will make you r gaming experience enjoyable as you will be able to express yourself to other ourWorld members. Dance moves include the side step, Robo, spinner, wave and Kahuna and more. Emotes include whatever, turn, huh, phooey, hand raise, big jump, shoo, big up and hoorah and many more. Lastly are gestures. These include exercise; head scratch, well, side2side and hello as well as others. With so many fun ways to express yourself, no one will ever have to guess what you thinking. You will also be re warded with an emoticons option. Here you may purchase emoticons, which you are able to use when chatting to friends online, allowing you to easily express yourself.

OurWorld offers you so many ways of freely and easily expressing your unique personality and style. You never have to fear being misunderstood nor fear being judged. The game allows you many opportunities to explore and experiment with style, fashion and décor via your character as well as your condo and your gestures, emotes and dance moves. Take this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone with regard to style and make new friends with other ourWorld members.