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Becoming Part of a Virtual World

OurWorld is an interactive online social networking site where members can make their own cartoon avatar and become part of an online virtual community. Meet new people, socialize and create groups of friends in this virtual playground. Not only do we get to meet and chat with our family and friends online but we can also play online games and create our very own virtual persona. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of OurWorld.

Joining a Whole New World

Members and visitors of OurWorld can create their own virtual avatar to use in OurWorld’s virtual realm. Once you log on to OurWorld’s site and clicked on that huge Play button, you are given the choice of selecting your gender and starting appearance, whether you are girl who wants to create a male avatar or a guy who wants a female online persona, choices are made immediately in OurWorld so make sure to choose quickly.

A variety of designs and models are offered for both male and female characters with this cartoon avatar maker. Pretty much every nationality is represented so people will not have any problems finding an avatar to represent them in the virtual world. Whether these designs are accurate or not is it really up to the person’s perception – we actually think they are spot on, but of course it could be just us.

Once you have selected the appearance and gender that you want – yes, you can choose a female avatar even though you are a guy, you can start customizing your virtual self. Zoe, OurWorld’s virtual guide will assist you in choosing your look and fashion. Click on your user’s profile to open up the customization option for your avatar.

As per Zoe’s suggestions, change your avatar’s facial features by going to the Appearance option. Players can change pretty much all physical aspects of their virtual self, from height, muscle mass and even down to their arm’s length – the amount of customization in OurWorld is really in-depth. Make sure to adjust the camera to get a better view of your avatar’s overall physique – click on the Avatar Zoom button beneath the Height and Width options to get a better view of your avatar.

ourworld character creator

After changing your physical attributes, you can then proceed to changing your facial appearance. Once you begin to change your avatar’s face you will begin to realize how the developers of OurWorld dedicated not just a lot time but a lot of effort in making sure that players can get all the freedom they want in creating a unique and great looking avatar. Numerous choices are given to each part of your avatars face, from the eyes, nose, mouth and even the shape of your avatar’s face can be tailored to the player’s preference. Even the position of your avatar’s eyes can be moved, giving you the option to lessen the distance between your eyes and your hairline, while minor, this additional option is still very welcome.

Sadly, your avatar’s hairstyle is tied to what initial avatar design you chose in the beginning, right after choosing your gender – do not fret though since you will get some new hairstyles as a reward from Zoe later on. Additional default hairstyles can easily be added later on via updates or made purchasable through online credits. While some customization options are locked and are only accessible to “residents” (premium account members) of the OurWorld, the sheer amount of available choices even for guests of OurWorld are still pretty impressive. Once you have fully edited your avatar’s appearance - as per Zoe’s request, return to her to get your reward.

Clothes and accessories are available at the Shop - which you can access through the tab labeled “You are at”. Use your earned credits and gems to purchase new threads and items for your avatar. Some pieces of clothing and wearable items have requirements such as your avatar’s level or limitations – some items and clothings are only usable for a certain time. We advise players to first check how their chosen items look on their avatars first before purchasing them so that they will not waste their hard earned credits on a piece of unwanted apparel – click on the show outfit tab right next to your avatar to get a full view of yourself. Your old clothes and accessories can then be sold or traded to other people as long as they are of the same value – you can do this in the threads option inside your User’s Tab on the main screen. To better categorize the sheer number of clothes and wearable trinkets purchasable in OurWorld’s shop, each one is labeled with a brand – just like in real life.

ourworld character creator: dress up and look cool

Becoming a resident (premium member) of OurWorld gives members access to a lot of additional contents and bonuses. Such bonuses include a bigger condo – your avatar’s virtual home that you can fully customize to your liking, exclusive items rewarded to you every month and even access to the VIP only areas in OurWorld.

The Look of Our World and Beyond

OurWorld is presented by a colorful and highly defined art style. This same art style makes OurWorld unique and amusing to look at. With avatars sporting different designs both physically and aesthetically, the artists behind OurWorld’s designs truly worked hard in providing variety with each aspect of the avatar’s visual presentation, making them appealing to all – from the young to the old, from the fancy to the simple. Since OurWorld’s collection of clothes, accessories, and hairstyles grows per update, saying that OurWorld’s graphics when it comes to your avatar is varied is an understatement – we would be better off saying that it is limitless in the sense that it just keeps getting better with each new update added.

An online virtual would not be complete without a few locales to meet family and friends at. Numerous places are available for players to venture in to, from boardwalks to amusement parks, OurWorld definitely lived up to its name – we really feel like we are in a virtual world.

A Whole New World to Hear

A virtual world is not believable if it does not have the sounds to accompany the sights. While OurWorld does have the sights, sadly some of them are silent and does not feel real and inhabited – even by virtual people, at all. While we can hear some sounds of people in the background we hardly felt like we were in a busy boardwalk or inside a mall filled with people. What we found weird about OurWorld’s audio presentation is that it is some what inconsistent; some areas have music and sound effects while others do not. This is really unfortunate since OurWorld had everything going for it in terms of visuals and eye candy but fell short to deliver in the sounds department. Hopefully the people behind OurWorld will add some needed music and sound effects later on via an update.

Virtually Frolicking in OurWorld

There are lots of stuff to do in OurWorld’s virtual realm. Not only can you meet up with family, friends and make new acquaintances. Each location in OurWorld contains minigames, virtual hang outs and even shops where you can buy virtual toys. Normally an online social network site only focuses on having people meet to chat, make new friends or discuss things in virtual blogs and forums. But OurWorld provides something even more, and that is a world where people can have fun, alone or with others. We would even go out on a limb to say that OurWorld is a game with online social networking aspects rather than the other way around. We can not wait to see what other things the people behind OurWorld will add to their already impressive virtual world in the future.

Being a Part of Our World

OurWorld is a wonderfully created interactive online social networking site where people can of course meet and make friends while providing everything a fully fledged  game – like MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games, has. With a great avatar creation feature, visitors and residents of OurWorld have the ability to truly recreate themselves virtually online. OurWorld is highly recommended to everyone who wants to join an online social network, whether they are looking for new friends or just want to meet up with family and peers. We rate Ourworld a virtual world shattering 88/100.

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