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Visually, IMVU sticks to themes of glamour and Hollywood inspired parties. But even with all the glitter and sparkly content, we find it hard to be impressed. Most of the avatar choices available make you feel like you are creating a rejected character for Entourage. There is a distinctive metro-feel to most of the male options which makes it difficult for straight males to get a good avatar (fortunately for female users, they are a little better off as some of their choices look a lot more acceptable). The backgrounds and locations lack any degree of diversity from the usual super-posh look that you would find in a typical episode of MTV Cribs.

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Despite its very culture-specific visuals, IMVU has its own charm. There is a solid and stable community as well as plenty of help and support forums. There are even dedicated threads for discussing avatar design - which is a big plus when you are done creating your character. The ability to purchase and obtain new parts, accessories and clothes also adds a lot to the longevity of this social networking platform.

Aside from being able to create your own character and mingling with others, IMVU also offers paid music downloads for users. These come in either MP3 format or can be used as music for private and public rooms.

For those wondering, the name IMVU does not stand for anything (though there are plenty of speculations to be found online). The bottom line, according to the company founders themselves, is that the name does not stand for anything at all nor is it an acronym.

IMVU is not really the place to go to if you are just interested in creating a custom avatar to paste in your site or blog and it's avatar tool rivals that of Second Life, but if you are looking for something more social, and potentially, something more adult in nature, then this just might be the online custom character service for you.

Note* Under 18's and Over 18's are separated into different chat rooms and worlds to ensure the safety of kids who wish to play.