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Create a Cute Monster

At Moshi Monsters, you can adopt your own virtual pet monster, go on adventures, play games, solve puzzles and get creative with other monster friends you make in the virtual world.

Every month, millions of kids from around the world play Moshi Monsters. After creating your monster you need to look after him or her otherwise they will get very unhappy and grumpy. This includes feeding your monster and making other monster friends so your pet doesn't get lonely when your not around.

Your pet's personality and behaviour will change depending on your interactions with it meaning every pet monster within the Moshi world is unique. Just take a look at the video to the right to see for yourself.

Create Your Own Pet Monster! Moshi Monsters: Parade

In Moshi Monster's Rox are used to purchase food for your monster, clothes, accessories, and furniture for the house. Not all stores are available for free users in the monster creator game (some only allow members to shop) and not all items can be equipped at any level (there are level requirements, especially for clothes).

Expect to pay a little extra if you want to experience the game in full. The house itself is easily designed as you place the shelves and objects from left to right using a side view perspective. Aside from housing your furnishings, the monster's personal home is also the hub for information, updates and incoming notifications, messages and gifts. Just remember to use a part of your Rox earnings to buy food - which is important as it affects your monster's mood and more importantly, health.

In terms of visuals, the game is cute and easy to understand. While there is nothing outstanding about the actual details in the design, there is something to be noted about the light color tones and generous use of space. When walking around the town, other adopted monsters will pass you by. Make friends and you will have people to trade and share with. Fortunately for Moshi Monsters users, there is a very strong and active community in-game; this means that you can expect to see plenty of content coming in on a regular basis.

The Perfect Socialable Game for Kid's

Moshi Monsters is designed with young kid's in mind and not particularly for adult's to play (we aren't saying you can't though and many adults do in fact play too!).

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