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In the Down World game it's very much like ourWorld in it's look and feel but instead of hanging out, playing games and dressing your avatar up in trendy fashions it's gearing your warrior up for battle and fighting monsters with swords and magic!

After choosing your character you will be given a short tutorial on how to play the game. This will take you through the gem swapping concept as a form of combat against your opponent.

You can choose between a caster and a warrior when you create your character. It is a turn based 2d fighting game with a good variety of npc's to fight.

down world game

Here we can see the first tutorial fight in Down World, it's very easy to complete.

The tutorials are there to help you power up so your ready to face tougher opponents on your own. It is advisable to go through the tutorials to build up your experience.

One of the things you will quickly notice in the tutorials is the more gems you match the more powerful your attacks. For example I managed to match 5 gems at once and this gave out a huge burst of magic from my sorcerer removing a substantial amount of health from the crawler. I also got a free turn.

down world game: the crawler

Matching five gems and making combos allows you to attack your opponent multiple times at once whilst inflicting large damage.

So we know that the larger the number of gems you attack, the more powerful your attack, but you also have a variety of spells or sword strikes to use against your opponent. These attacks are dictated by the type of gems you match.

Unlike ourWorld there is a bit of a story line that goes with the Down World game. This unravels as you beat more enemies. The begining of the story line can be found below.

down world game: the story

The storyline makes the game more exciting and involving.

Foes in Down World come in all shapes and sizes, from giant robots and insects through to little jelly like substances. This keeps each fight fresh and interesting. I'm sure as you progress further in the world there are more surprises round the corner opponent wise.

After defeating the first jelly like monster you come across in the game I was given the opportunity to improve my caster skills. As a caster in the Down World game you can pick between three schools of magic or you can become a hybrid sorcerer. I chose to focus on the Elementalist magic chain.

The jelly like foe also dropped some gold coins which I could collect. After I defeated the jelly like foe the option became available for me to save my character, I decided to call him 'Freakazoid'.

After killing each enemy you proceed through to the next stage by walking through the futuristic door through to the next realm.

down world game: freakazoid fight

Here you can see Freakazoid defeating the blob! It's a pitty this guy wasn't as big as the one in the movie.

After you defeat the blob you find yourself in OutPost one, your new hangout for your caster or warrior. No doubt you will see many other players with cool gear on.

Checking the world map will give you access to the derelict descent where you can fight more jellies and blobs!

In the Down World game the armory is the place where you can upgrade your character to become a more powerful caster or warrior. There are tonnes of different weapons and armors available to choose but most will be restricted until you reach a higher level, have more gems or more gold coins.

To level up you need to get more xp and to achieve this you need to fight more monsters. Flow is used once more, so downWorld is like ourWorld when it comes to a lot of game play. You will find yourself spending quite a bit of time in Derelict Descent before you level up. This involves defeating many of the same monsters before you move onto any new lands. But with a bit of patience you will awarded with new monsters, more xp and better items to use. This all keeps your experience in Down World enjoyable and challenging. Try Down World yourself by creating a character above or read our full review here.

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