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Emerge yourself in the virtual world of IMVU where you can design a 3D character with a wide variety of customisable features. This game offers a great deal to do ranging from creating the appearance of your own 3D avatar, rearranging and redecorating your own room, as well as meeting new friends to chat to, while playing games and getting involved in numerous activities. There is no doubt that this game provides something for everyone. IMVU allows you to express your style and personality in numerous ways and allows you the freedom many things, without the constraints that occur in the real world. If freedom is what you are looking for, then IMVU is the game for you so why hesitate, begin your new, improved virtual life now.

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In order to make the most of your IMVU experience, it will indeed help to have as many credits as possible. The more credits available, the more opportunities you have available as well. Credits are awarded throughout the game for unlocking stages as well as completing simple tasks and participating in the many games and other activities offered on IMVU. However, for endless possibilities, you may also gain credits in other ways. If you select “Earn Credits”, it will show you the various other ways of receiving credits quickly. You need to select an offer from the game's partners offer page and earn credits. New proposals are constantly being updated if none of the offers of the current time interest you. The offers are simple and range from watching a video, giving feedback, verifying your email address, referring a friend and many more. However if you are still not satisfied with your amount of credits available to you, then click on “Credits” to purchase more. This is made simple and easy for you. Another easy way to earn credits is by becoming a VIP member. This also allows you access to another fun aspect of the game called “Create”.

IMVU offers 3 games in the games section of the virtual world. These games include the following:

  • Big Business
  • Resort World
  • Farmandia

Big Business is a fun game where you are able to become the owner of your own city. You will be rewarded for logging into the game for 5 days in a row. You will receive a set of special facility blueprint. Collect 4 sets of blueprints and build an automobile sales Centre. You will also receive credits for logging on daily. Here you are able to build roads and assist with the development of the city in order to keep the residents satisfied. As a result of selecting the shop icon, you can purchase buildings and items available in the following categories:

  • Houses
  • Production
  • Services
  • Entertainment
  • Plants and decorations
  • Property expansion

You may build roads that link to your new buildings and facilities to the transportation system. You may also demolish any buildings, roads and items you wish to, as well as modify the landscape. You can grow your community by building houses and waiting for them to produce family members. Invite fellow IMVU members to join your city and assist with the development. Create facilities for residents to keep their happiness level high. Facilities such as fire stations and private hospitals are vitally important to the satisfaction of your residents. You can also earn coins by producing and selling your crops, however make sure you have the facility and vehicles in order to do this. There are easy steps and guidelines that will need to be followed to accomplish many of the tasks and create a successful city. This will include basis quests. The more coins you earn and tasks you complete, the more items and facilities you unlock to make your city the best you can. This will maximize your gaming pleasure.

Note* Under 18's and Over 18's are separated into different chat rooms and worlds to ensure the safety of kids who wish to play.

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