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Woozworld is an interactive online community site where young people can meet, greet and hang out with their friends, classmates and even relatives. Represent yourself virtually with your very own online avatar. Create and customize your virtual persona to reflect your true self without any restrictions or boundaries normally found in the real world. In Woozworld, your imagination is the only limitation – so come join the fun and wooz yourself in this virtual world.

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Be What You Want to Be

Once you have finished registering at Woozworld’s website, you will be prompted to pick which gender and what your default avatar will be. After meeting with the siblings Mya and Jay Wooz, they will ask for your assistance in fixing the teleportation device so they can get back to Woozworld – just do what they ask and follow their instructions as this serves as a tutorial to Woozworld. After scoring some Beex – Woozworld’s form of currency, from Jay, click on the shop device then purchase the Engineer suit by clicking on the shopping cart – it is just like shopping online. Once your purchase has been made, go to the inventory – the backpack icon on the lower right panel of the screen, click on the Engineer suit then equip it by clicking on the shirt with the plus sign on the lower-right corner of the suit. Congratulations! You are now a certified engineer - not to mention you have just earned an achievement just by putting on new clothes.

Now go past that huge Sasquatch bouncer and go through the metal door to get to Steel Alley. Collect all five machine parts then bring them back to Mya and Jay inside the Wooz Pets Training room, just right next to that enormous Ninja – we advise not to make eye contact with him. Your next task involves getting the jumbo machine parts to complete your teleporter, but this time you would need the help of a Woozpetz – pets found in Woozworld. Just follow Lil’ Homey – that is the robot dog’s name, to the Steel Lounge where you will need to collect three jumbo machine parts. Enter the only door inside the room to meet Mya and Jay and give them the parts you have just acquired – do not mind that Yeti cos-playing as a super hero. After Jay finally finishes repairing the Teleportation device, something unexpected happens – it does not work. Apparently, it needs light from a snapshot from a camera to start working, as per Jay’s instruction – click on the camera icon on the Tech lab tab at the upper-left corner - just above Jay’s braided head. Lock on to your target then take the shot to finally activate the device. Say goodbye to Mya and Jay as you start your new life in Woozworld.

Creating your own pad aka Unitz – in Woozworld terms, begins by clicking on the My World icon on the middle panel at the bottom of your screen. Select your choice among the selections offered – do not be shy in picking the most expensive looking one, it is free. Once you have made your selection, click on the shopping cart then click “Buy”, now you have your very own place – why could it not be this easy in real life. Do not mind that dead tree and that giant cockroach in the corner of the room, a little spring cleaning will definitely fix your new humble abode. Remember to click on your suitcases to receive some new clothes in your inventory and also click on the huge crate in the middle of the room, to have some home appliances delivered.

Start placing your brand new furniture to make your apartment inhabitable. We were really impressed on how most objects you can purchase and place inside your home can be color customized and be rotated in order to fit a certain space or to be viewable at a certain angle. Such attention to detail, not to mention freedom to personalize your stuff really showed us the dedication and hard work the people behind Woozworld have invested in this virtual world – and we applaud them for it.

Your virtual home can also be customized in terms of appearance, not just through furniture and appliances. Just click on the edit button in the Unitz tab at the top-left corner and a drop down list will appear. Choose Walls and Floors – the one with the paint roller icon, and then click on either Walls or Floor to customize their color. Choose from over a hundred shades of different colors to personalize your virtual home unit. Your unitz can also be setup to allow access to visitors – just in case you want to invite friends over or to just show off your online home. Just click on Unitz Settings, right above the Walls and Floors option. For those of you who regularly change their room’s appearance and like to move things around, an Empty my Unitz option is also provided – do not worry, all your belongings will be moved back to your inventory.

Once you have finally settled down, it is time to hit the town or in this case virtual world. But before we do that, we need to put on some new threads to impress our online peers. Click on the inventory icon – the backpack icon, and then choose clothes. This will be your online wardrobe while inside the world of Wooz. Choose a wearable item then click on the shirt with a plus icon on the lower-right corner to wear it, but before you do, we advise clicking on the color customize button first. You can pretty much change the whole appearance of the clothes you wear thanks to Woozworld’s intricate color customization feature. While there are some pieces of clothing that are not customizable, the sheer amount of variety you have when it comes to designing your avatar’s fashion is still pretty huge – color us impressed. If you cannot decide on what to wear on your night in the streets of Woozworld, we suggest hitting the Shops – where you purchase not just clothes but furniture and housing as well. Click on the Shops icon on the left to start spending those Wooz credits.

Getting Woozy from the Sights

Woozworld’s visuals are colorful and vibrant. With tons of variety when it comes to the areas your avatar can visit. While some locations are inspired by certain themes, these virtual places are definitely worth visiting with your virtual buddies. New locales are added regularly; with some areas needing certain privileges to enter. Still, the artists and developers of Woozworld sure did a fine job in creating a highly detailed and entertaining virtual world for Woozworld’s inhabitants.

We have already shown how detailed in terms of aesthetics your avatar can be, but it goes beyond visuals when you start accessing your avatar’s personal action. Your avatar can perform multiple animations that not only give them personality but also give them a sense of realism. While sadly, no facial expressions were given to these virtual people and they can still portray their feelings through emoticons. 

Woozing Some Sounds

We really do not know why all interactive online social networking sites always lack background music; the same can be said for Woozworld. While there are sound effects, these are usually tied to objects that you can interact with. Hopefully in the future, the developer will start adding sound tracks and additional sound effects to make this virtual world livelier, but before they do - we will just have to play our own music on our media players.

Living in the World of Wooz

Like most online social networking sites, Woozworld focuses mainly on chatting with friends and meeting new people from all around the world. While there are mini-games scattered all around Woozworld – some are cleverly hidden in the areas you visit, these are only secondary in the member’s list of things to do while inside this virtual world. Still, having the option to spend your time playing some cool games while waiting for your friends to log in is a welcome addition, not to mention you get prizes and Beex if you win. So play some Wooz games during your stay in Woozworld – who knows? You might even win a limited VIP pass.

Rewards and prizes are given away daily in Woozworld, so take note of the rewards calendar to make sure your logged in on that day to have chance to win. Another thing to remember while in Woozworld is that keeping your avatar active is important since leaving him or her idle for a long time automatically logs you out of Woozworld; this becomes really annoying especially if you have a slow internet connection since the site will have to reload just for you to continue.

Knowing Wooz Up

Woozworld is a wonderful virtual world where you can spend your free time just chatting with friends from all around the world. But for those who want to be a part of a world where they can be who and what they want to be then Woozworld can be their virtual paradise. With an in-depth avatar creator that does not only involve dressing up a virtual character but rather creates a complete virtual individual with their own home and even a virtual pet, Woozworld is definitely ahead of its competitors. Updates are added regularly so new things are being brought in to this virtual world to keep members happy. We highly recommend Woozworld to those people who want to be part of not just an online community but a fun and engaging online virtual world. We give Woozworld an woozing score of 89/100.

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