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Fiesta: A Beginner's Guide to Wizards

In this guide I shall refer to the class as Wizard but technically the class is known as a Wizard which is virtually the same character – both Wizard’s and Wizard’s are conjurors of magical. 

Magical Powers - you’ve got to adore and value this talent! The power to throw massive rudimentary balls of discomfort on a remarkable individual target, or have the capacity to release a surge of obliteration on an effected  location is exactly what plenty of fans of video games have always recognized as being first class: magic casters. In the game Fiesta online, this kind of prototype is played out accurately to the part yet one more time.  There are mighty single hit enchantments, fantastic group control abilities, plus naturally, the anticipated boundaries of possessing a restricted mana pool, plus an incredibly feeble physical defense stat - and this comes through creating a wizard in the game!

Why You Should Become a Wizard?

Theoretically, it’s not easy to choose to turn into a Wizard, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to games.  Wizards have a tendency to be incredibly dependent on certain talents; therefore players need to have great hand to eye coordination to play the game successfully.  Also, they're inclined to guzzle up your reserves very quickly; especially your mana remedies, plus you can anticipate their fear to be fairly pricey too. 

If you’re a new kid on the block and have a bit of a tender spot inside your soul for magic, don’t allow your blundering rookie fingers to put you off.  It’s not impossible to become an expert at using Fiesta’s control scheme, plus you’ll have ample time to learn how to do things prior to reaching the more difficult sections of the game.  You have quite a lot of time before you’re put in a position where you have to handle the dangerous nemesis roes. I suggest that you put your efforts into discovering where the hot keys are located and also you should set your shortcuts properly so that they feel really natural for you at all times. 

Let’s now specify how much your efforts will earn you because you’re already aware of the detail that Wizards require exceptional talents.   As mentioned above, Wizards do cause a lot of destruction, which you should anticipate anyway because you are dealing with the influential aspects of magic after all.  You should definitely anticipate no less than that.

Admire the Magical Rockets

A magical missile is the primary attack a Wizard discovers. You’ll discover this talent the minute you start off with a Wizard, plus it’s included in your list of spells involuntarily.  This skill enables you to fire an enchanted arrow towards your rival and it can handle a moderate amount of magical destruction. Whilst it’s not your principal tool that kills the chief, it definitely does a good job with your everyday opponents.

If you learn how to throw and release this curse well, then you’ll have the capacity teach new Wizards about ways of properly casting more specialist enchantments later on.  Talking about this, you will discover how to use the fire, whirlwind, and ice bolt enchantments once you’ve skilled yourself up in some levels too.  After learning about these spells, you’ll become really familiar with applying the magical rocket; hence the fresh skills that follow will be simple for you to acclimatize to.

How to Play Solo

create a mage character: playing solo

One of the advantages of online games is that it gives you the chance to team up with your pals, or outsiders so that you can journey into unsafe territories, or overthrow strong enemies. However, you may wish to venture out by yourself now and again.  Even though Wizards aren’t renowned for their ability to handle a lot of destruction, they are capable of holding out against floods of competitors.

The secret is to have lots of magical concoctions so that you can enhance your flair. If you’re able to handle a lot of destruction quickly, your mana revival items will assist you in getting through your day. A small number of well-being concoctions are likely to be a lot better for you if you’re the sort of person that has more casting time and you tend to allow your rivals to come close to you. 

Kiting is the essential skill a player has to learn.  This is when you have to sprint backwards whilst you’re faced with an opponent.  This technique works best when you use a rocket strike on a melee based rival.   and you use a missile attack. Stepping backwards allows you to distance yourself from your enemy, which protects you from being attacked.  Moreover, you’ll gradually drain your opponents HP bar away as your strike is alternated. 

Team Work

create a mage character: playing in a team

Certainly, a Wizard has the capacity to really shine when they work as part of a team, particularly if the team enhances their fight techniques. Ultimately, a Wizard gets the chance to arrange potent charms if they have a team to fend off and take down enemies.  A player really needs the opportunity to do this.  The tanks include Warriors and Ministers, who have high protective shields.  It’s a lot more standard and less dangerous if you play with tanks.  Pairing up with someone superior or even a different Wizard means that you can work quickly enough to prevent any rival from coming close to you. 

It’s vital to know the role that you will play in a team.  For instance, a “DaWizard Dealer” is a fairly general word and you'll be expected to produce some results by your team members.  It’s important that you know how to play in any group.  For example, if your part of a team that has a shortage of crowd control skills, then the Magic Burst turns into a crucial talent in the relevant areas.  If you have got to pull aggro, Magic Blast fires very quickly, hits incredibly hard, and enables you to move around whilst you cast a spell. 

Offering a chase away against standing weaknesses will be an appreciated act, although the majority of those who play the game will want to see the cleric for all matters relating to health.

Choosing a Build

Only experienced players should choose an ultimate build when they’re still at the point of truly building a fresh character. In contrast, new players ought to concentrate on purely enjoying themselves.  Just determining to get the best MDEF or MATK statistics isn’t a good enough excuse deciding what build you want. 

A Wizard becomes an expert when they reach level 20; an Enchanter will at level 60.  Furthermore, once you get to level 100, you’ll be given the option to select a specialism; for instance, you have the choice to turn into a warlock or a wizard. Although, you don’t have to think about these things at the moment.  It’s more important to be aware of what you’d like to concentrate on prior to getting to level 20. Let me tell you what kind of issues you must look out for whilst you’re playing the game:

Whether you prefer combat or collaboration are the sorts of issues that will assist in determining the types of skills you ought to be concentrating on. Skills such as life tap dispel, mana burn, and purge are used in player v’s player battles, although life tap and dispel are helpful on the field too. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get other players involved in contests, then you ought to invest in this talent.  Then again, if you have a preference to chase down monsters and other rivals with your mates, you ought to concentrate on building a player v’s enemy.

Giving precedence to specific stats – you ought to distribute your stat points that fit in with your main concerns. Nevertheless, you ought to be aware of what the stats are capable of doing for your character. Strength and Endurance are totally useless to a Wizard as the strength stat increases the destruction to your base melee, plus the Wizard doesn’t have any of it.

Stamina enhances the speed at which you can block, which does not apply to casters.  A lot of people who play Fiesta are opposite views about Dexterity.  Some think it helps to enhance the precision and evasion statistics.  Conversely, others feel that the dexterity lifts are not sufficient enough to offer a substantial gain.  Undeniably, Intelligence Spirit is incredibly essential for those who cast spells.  Intelligence establishes the root magical destruction that you generate for your assaults and curses. Spirit increases the amount of mana pool you have; it intensifies a character’s possibility to handle serious hits. 

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