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create a monkey game

Monkey Magic with Monkey Quest

Are you looking to create your own monkey and play around in an exciting world of jungle quests, flipping monkeys, explosive magic and dark enemies? Well now you certainly have all that and more with Nickelodeon's jungle swinging free game. It's a very sociable and fun game to play for both children and adults. The visuals and sounds of Monkey Quest will leave you believing your playing through a Playstation or XBox rather than a free game on your desktop pc or mac.

monkey quest game: forgotten temple

In Monkey Quest you get to create a monkey using a range of customisable options, these are:

  • Gender - choose a male or female monkey character
  • Eye shape and style - eye shadow as well if you choose a female monkey
  • Skin colour
  • Fur colour
  • Hair style
  • Clothes/Equipment - by collecting different items throughout the game such as armour, weapons, garments your monkey will truly become one of a kind.
Create Your Own Monkey Now

But what's the use of creating a monkey if you can't play with your character in a fun, epic and dangerous jungle? Well with monkey quest you can create different monkey characters and play with them all for free in a wildly adventurous world. Not only do you spend time customising your monkey but you also go on epic adventures to save your monkey world.

What's happend!?

The world of Ook (your homeland) has fallen foul to an evil presence and monsters are invading your beloved world. It is up to you to develop your fighting skills and team up with fellow players in an online immersive jungle world to defeat evil enemies and free your world from this demonic disease.

See the items your equip

The visuals in the game are stunning for a browser based game with no download or installation requirements. What we really love though is the fact that items you win can be seen clearly when equipped to your monkey allowing you to constantly change your monkey's appearance throughout the game. Considering this monkey game already excites with it's somewhat 3D environment and controls also having the ability to view the look of your items in the game is a great plus.

Move and Fight like a true monkey

monkey quest game: swinging from rope to rope like a monkey monkey quest game: fighting a giant spider

Monkey Quest allows you to feel what it is actually like to move and fight like a really monkey. The way your monkey moves throughout the world is very real to life and gives you the feeling of actually swinging through the trees and jumping around like a monkey yourself. The controls are smooth and easy to use meaning you can master your monkeys movements within minutes. This allows you to quickly get the maximum fun out of game.

Sounds Galore

We love the audio dialogue between characters - it gives you a great break from having to read too much text in the game. Monkey Quest has an excellent audio narrative with all the characters in the game talking to one another with unique voices - this brings the game to life.

The general environmental sounds you hear throughout the game really immerse you into the jungle experience and add to the feeling of actually being your monkey character and swinging through the vast jungles of this mysterious monkey world.

Plenty of Quests, Rewards and Characters to Interact With

monkey quest game: interact with characters

Monkey Quest would be a bit of a let down if it didn't have plenty of...quests. The variety and originality of the quests in the game hit the spot whisking you away on a magical journey where you will meet loads of different characters (and friends) along the way who will give you quests to do.

Rewards can be anything from banannas to weapons and armor. This makes doing every quest very worthwhile. In fact quests are at the forefront of the entire game and you can't really completing them - the quest's link together to form a fun and interesting yet light hearted story.

Make Friends & Form Tribes!

monkey quest game: make friends and form tribes

You are not alone in Monkey Quest and not only will you interact with plenty of computer characters but tonnes of other players are also playing the game alongside you. You can make friends with other monkeys (players) and chat with them whenever you like.

Certain quests involve teaming up with other players making Monkey Quest a very sociable game for kids and adults alike. In fact you can actually join or create a tribe where you and your monkey friends can work at completing quests over time together.

Monkey Quest is such an enjoyable and loving experience that if you love monkeys or atleast behaving like one! then you will simply love the game. With Nickelodeon's game being free to play we recommend you try out the game for yourself and start your own magical journey in the land of Ook...

Create Your Own Monkey Now
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