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In Papa's Cheeseria you customise the physical and fashionable appearance of your chef who you control to run a Cheese restaurant. You cook cheese sandwiches with all sorts of toppings and extras and serve them to demanding customers.

There aren't many games around online that allow you to completely customise the appearance of a chef, all be it, his or her appearance still is restricted within the boundaries of the games quirky cartoony art style but Papas Cheeseria still gives you a lot of control over how your character's appearance looks. This is already a big plus over many cook and chef style restaurant games.

Aside from your chef's physical appearance there are also 3,554 clothing items you can obtain throughout the game to jazz your character up. The clothing items aren't just your plain Jane sort of clothes or quick colour changes, the guys at Flipline inject a dose of humour into your chef's uniform with all sorts of weird and wonderful clothing accessories.

The Game Itself

If your into more than just superficial character creation than Papa's Cheeseria may just serve you up a real fun filled treat. That's presuming you do like to cook at least in a virtual sense. The game itself has a whopping 113 ingredients to make some of the wildest Grilled Cheese sandwiches that you have ever seen!. You don't have to be a fan of cheese to love Flipline Studios latest creation.

You will also be manning different parts of your kitchen such as the order desk, Fry station and Grill station.

Create Your Own Chef Now
Papas Cheeseria Game Papas Cheeseria Game: Create a Chef

Customise Your Cartoon Chef's Avatar

Create Your Own Chef Papas Cheeseria Game: A Change of Chef Pants

Choose Your Chef's Pants

Papas Cheeseria Game: A Change of Chef Shoes

Choose Your Chef's Shoes

Papas Cheeseria Game: A Change of Chef Shoes

Get Cooking Cheese Sandwiches!

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