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IMVU is a realistic virtual world that offers gamers a great deal of fun and entertainment. The game allows you to create your own unique 3D, realistic 3d person, called an avatar. You are able to change their appearance both physically as well as their dress. You are also able to make friends with other IMVU members, while making use of the chat rooms. The game provides a wide range of opportunities for you to make new friends and possibly even find romance. All this can be done while participating in games and participating in enjoyable activities. There are 3 games available in this world that will keep you occupied for a great deal of time, while you use your creativity, style, imagination and have fun simultaneously.

As the game begins, you will be required to choose your avatar, which is ultimately your character for the game. Avatars are available in both male and female as well as vary in skin tone, hair color, eye color, facial features and style. After choosing your avatar, you will need to create a name. Here you may make use of your creativity by creating a unique and original name that best expresses your personality and flare. In order to create an IMVU account, you will then need to proceed to imputing your required details.

imvu create your own 3d person

You are able to use your creativity when adapting your avatars appearance to make them unique and again best represent your style. This is your opportunity to really stand out and express your personality. You may also try out new things, without fear of being judged. Learn to mix and match your favorite items of clothing along with your accessories. There are various categories available when it comes to recreating the appearance of your avatar. Click on the “Dress Up” icon, located in your main menu and let the fun begin. The various categories that you are able to make use of include the following:

Tops – here you are able to find various styles from casual to conservative, to prerogative, which range in both colors as well as styles.

  • Bottoms – these range from super short hot pants for a more care-free, daring character to ¾ pants and long pants. Here you will find both casual and conservative styles as well as something a little more formal and daring.
  • Shoes – this category offers winter boots, perfect for a pair of skinny jeans, as well as more casual sandals and sneakers. It also caters for those looking for a killer heel as well as those looking for casual comfort.
  • Accessories – this category includes many additional items to enhance the look of your avatar. This includes both physical attributes as well as materialistic items. Here you can find items such as necklaces, dainty hands, anklets, earrings, and rhinestone eye stick-ons, among others.
  • Hairstyles – these range from cornrows to slick styles as well as vary in color. The colors range from jet black, to black cherry, to honey blonde and many more.
  • Eyes – theses again range in colors and shapes. Colors include icy blue, green, brown as well as various other colors. You may also change the shape of your eyes by selecting cut eyebrows.
  • Heads – here you are only given one option and therefore your choices are limited.
  • Skins – choose your skin color from dark skin, caramel Choco, natural pink and creamsicle. In this category, you are also able to choose different lipsticks to match your choice of skin tone.
  • As a result of making use of the various categories and items offered to you in “Dress Up”, you are able to change the appearance of your avatar. This will result in making them unique and allowing your avatar to express your own personal style.

Once you have assembled your new outfit, click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, in order to take a new photo and create a new profile image. Make use of the tool located on the right hand side of the screen to zoom in and out before taking the picture. This will assist you in earing credits and allow you to unlock the next stage of the game.

imvu create your own 3d person: dress up and shop

“Shop” is another fun activity that allows you to shop till you drop. Here you may see the latest of clothes and styles, available for your avatar. There are millions of items available in your catalogue, so there is no chance of running out of things to buy. There are plenty of great items to choose from, to get you looking good regardless of the occasion. Your avatar never has to worry about not having the latest trends as with the wide variety offered to you, your avatar may at all times be as style as you are. While shopping you may also earn extra credits that will be useful as you proceed throughout the game. The shop offers everything you could imagine for a very reasonable price. Regardless of your style and personality, your avatar will most certainly be able to best represent you, as well as remain as unique as you are. From one piece outfits to items such as accessories, tops, bottoms and shoes, there is no doubt you can dress to kill. You are also able to purchase physical attributes such as hair colors and styles, among others. Therefore, you are guaranteed to come across no avatar like yours, making you one of a kind. Before purchasing you are also ale to try on the various items, in order to determine whether or not they are suited to your avatar.

“My Room” is another fun way to show your creativity and unique style, while expressing you personality. There is no limit to what you are able to create and decorate. Here you are able to rearrange the furniture in your room as well as add additional furniture free of change. However if this style of furniture does not appeal to your taste, then you are also able to purchase additional furniture from “Shop”. Here you can purchase items of furniture such as couches, plasma television, rugs and bathtubs, among many more. Again you catalogue has a great deal of things to offer and your opportunities to create the perfect room are endless. In addition to purchases of furniture, you are also able to purchase a completely new room. Yet again your choices here are endless and will vastly exceed expectations; therefore decisions may be difficult to come by as a result of all it has to offer. However, you are able to change your room on a regular basis therefore allowing you to give them all a try. The rooms include Rivera Villa, Romantic Apartment, Ocean View Villa, Cruise Ship Island, Summer Resort, and that is only a small minority of the choices on offer. There are simply endless opportunities to express your individuality and the sky truly is the limit.

In order to constantly be updating your profile and letting fellow IMVU members know more about you, go to “My Profile”. Here you are able to see basic details as well as add any additional information, that you may want people to be aware of. This helps you to form better relationships with your online friends as you can see whether or not you are compatible. “My Photos”, is another fun and interesting way to get to know people a lot better. Here you will find photos of your avatar. However, you are also able to create a new album and upload photos of your own. You are given the option to select who sees your photos and this may be done by adjusting your settings. You are also able to view other IMVU friend's albums by looking at their profile card.

Not only can you look amazing and have a spectacular room, but you can also have your own pet to complete your virtual world. This pet is great to have as you will not need to worry about cleaning up after it. However, you will receive free credits for taking care of your pet. This includes playing with it, as well as giving it treats. You can also shop for new pets by going to “Shop” and selecting the pets icon at the top of your screen. There are many cute and quirky pets to choose from. These pets may not only complete your lifestyle but also represent your personality. As a result, you can have a pet you have always wanted without any of the expenses and hassle involved.

Therefore with so many games and activities to play and accomplish, IMVU is definately worth checking out. Create your own 3D person exactly how you want them to look now. You are able to express yourself freely and make use of your style and creativity throughout the game, while meeting new friends and chatting to people from all over the world. Your possibilities are endless and you never know what may come of your new relationships. So do not hesitate to start your virtual life with IMVU.

Note* Under 18's and Over 18's are separated into different chat rooms and worlds to ensure the safety of kids who wish to play.

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